Who We Are

The Chapel is a non-denominational church based on biblical principles and committed to proclaiming the life changing truth of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to glorify God by making Christ known, by encouraging people to become His followers and by helping them grow in His likeness.

Multiple Locations

The Chapel has multiple locations--each with a distinct ministry focus. The Chapel on the Campus sits at the north end of Louisiana State University where it is uniquely positioned to minister to college students and internationals. Approximately eight miles from the campus location The Chapel in the Oaks sits in a suburban environment surrounded by the families and young professionals who are its ministry focus.

What We Offer

Both locations offer a contemporary worship experience that combines some of the latest in Christian music and practical Bible teaching. A comprehensive menu of programs for children, youth, collegians, internationals and adults provides multiple opportunities for people to connect with each other and to mature in their spiritual faith. Opportunities for learning and connecting continue during the week as people meet to study the Bible, fellowship through community groups and serve in outreach ministries. A strong missions emphasis including short term mission trips demonstrates our desire to see the Gospel proclaimed to the ends of the earth.